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Thank-you for supporting SAFE with your membership and passion! ​

I am writing during this “giving season” to encourage your tax-deductible gift to SAFE. The generosity of our members - like you - enables our amazing safety work and allows us to grow aviation professionalism and safety across a greater population.

Looking back as we approach our 10th anniversary reveals many SAFE initiatives that are now established aviation safety pillars. The new Airman Certification Standards was born at our Pilot Training Reform Symposium in Atlanta in 2011. This FAA/industry collaboration resulted in the new FAA ACS which embedded risk-management into flight training and grows daily as seen with the recently released ATP ACS.

Our SAFE Pilot Proficiency Project, started by Doug Stewart - with a then brand-new Redbird - is now the celebrated safety training darling of Oshkosh every year. This innovative program not only leveraged high-tech tools to improve pilot proficiency, this was the first introduction of “scenario-based training” into aviation!

Your continued support of SAFE allows us to continue this important work by sending SAFE members to the ACS committee in DC and participate on the FAA Joint Steering Committee on LOC-I.

Your dollars also enable our “tech tools” like the SAFE CFI Toolkit App which is free to all and used by DPEs and CFIs across US. Your gifts will allow us to expand our national online seminar program and provide our safety message to CFIs and pilots across the country, leveraging our talented and committed SAFE members like Patty Wagstaff and Rod Machado.

As FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said at our Atlanta Symposium, "you are the

movers and shakers of the flight training community" and we have some amazing new programs just ahead!

Please pick a donation level by clicking on the "Donte to SAFE " button below. SAFE exists solely to serve our generous members like you; together we make a difference in CFI professionalism and aviation safety every day! Have a safe and happy holiday season and thanks again for all you do for SAFE.

David St. George, Director

SAFE's Programs and Member Benefits

SAFE’s Aviation Educator Mentoring Program enhances the professional development of aviation educators.

Through mentoring and support, participants grow stronger and smarter in promoting a safe aviation environment.

SAFE and Aviation Insurance Resources bring SAFE member-flight instructors the best protection available in the industry at competitive rates.

K-12 Classroom Teachers Grants

SAFE offers grants to encourage K-12 teachers to incorporate aviation-themed lessons into their normal curriculum. Aviation and aerospace topics are the perfect for teaching science, math, history, an art.

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